This month is microfibre month at Henry Wag as the weather forecast seems constantly to be wet or misty and dog walks always turn muddy. Or even worse when the summer pond dip is still a good idea for our determined friend. A good time then to ask the question whether microfibre dog towels really are better than conventional towels.

Henry Wag Microfibre Dog Towels

Amazing Claims about Microfibre towels

Advocates for microfibre make some pretty amazing claims.
•    Enables quicker drying and cleaning.
•    Avoids the need for detergents
•    Is more hygienic.

And that’s just for the cloths and towels used by people! In fact many of us are already using microfibre-related products without knowing it. That really soft absorbent towel you use for your shower is probably microfibre, unless it is fine cotton. Your sports kit which wicks water from your body, is also likely to be microfibre.

Even More Amazing Reality

Microfibre towels are made by creating multiple small fibres. Like using a toothbrush to achieve really fine cleaning, the density of the fibres increases the ability of the cloth to capture dirt and water.

A gecko can walk across a ceiling because of the millions of tiny hairs on its feet, each of which create enough force to hold it there. Similarly microfibre catches anything around it, through the micro-mechanical forces of each fibre. This is why the wet and dirt can’t escape, and fewer wipes are required to be clean or dry.

So how small are the fibres to achieve this? A human hair is typically 70 microns wide: a single strand of silk is about 4.0 microns. A micro-fibre towel fibre is typically 0.3-0.5 microns- so very tiny and a tenth of the width of a strand of silk.
Now is the really great part. Bacteria ranges in size from 0.4 to 5.0 microns.

So you can see why the best microfibre can claim to capture 99% of all bacteria, while a conventional towel may only get a third. Practically this means your dog needs fewer baths, thus less detergent. (Note microfibre is anti-bacterial, but it is not anti-viral as viruses can be smaller still.)

Henry Wag Microfibre Dog Towels

Henry Wag is all about ensuring the health and well-being of your dog. We know the needs of owners to protect their dog; and their car and home after their exercise together.

Which is why we manufacture microfibre dog towels in 2 sizes- large 100x 150cm and small 100 x 70cm- so the right one can be selected for the size of your dog. Knowing the science of micro-fibre our towels:

•    Absorb 4 times more water than a regular towel
•    Remove dirt and infection from the coat.
•    Are quick drying yet machine washable at 40ºC.

Henry Wag Cleaning Glove

For some dogs, a microfibre towel is not enough for their type of coat. So Henry Wag’s designers came up with the microfibre dog cleaning and drying glove using optimised microfibre materials.
One side of the glove is fronded for maximum cleaning and absorption.

The other is woven to enable efficient grooming. The glove has a durable inner liner and a finger grip to reduce slippage in use. Again it’s machine washable. Perfect for dogs that don’t like towels or need to be dried and groomed after a wet walk.

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