Whatever the size of your dog, there is probably a Henry Wag elevated dog bed designed to fit for comfort and relaxation. The Henry Wag range comes in four sizes:

  • Small suitable for dogs up to 10kg and needing a sleep area of 51 x 34 cm. This is for toy breeds and Fox Terriers.
  • Medium up to 15kg and 65 x 51cm such as a French Bulldog or Cocker Spaniel.
  • Large up to 35kg and a sleep area of 80 x 66cm suitable for Retrievers and Labradors.
  • Extra-large for dogs up to 65kg and 101 x 81cm, which is suitable for Great Danes and Wolfhounds.

Not too hot nor too cold

While the bed must be the right size for your dog based upon the above guidelines of expected size, we know that we all sleep in different positions for maximum comfort. So it’s worth considering how your pet likes to lie to ensure the sleep area is big enough.

A clear advantage of elevated beds is that they are 15cm above the cold floors in the winter, which keeps your pet warmer. While in the summer air can circulate beneath the bed keeping her cool. All beds come with side walls to prevent draughts from interrupting those essential hours of sleep.

The Elevated Dog Bed Has Been Designed for Health

Elevated dog beds are proven to be effective in helping older dogs or those who’ve just had surgery where there may be joint and hip issues. Henry Wag’s solid board bases provide the necessary support to backs and hips at a height that is easy to get into and out of. Similarly they come with a robust metal frame for maximum durability and ease of movement when assembled. Both the cover and under the bed are easy to vacuum to reduce mess.

All Henry Wag elevated beds come with a tightly woven fabric cover. Its quick-drying surface reduces the build-up of bacteria and of smells. It can be easily removed for washing. Being non-moisture absorbent reduces damp bedding issues. For extra comfort the inclusion of the correctly sized Henry Wag noodle mat is recommended.

Henry Wag’s Aim

With our elevated bed ranges we aim to enable your dog to remain fit, relaxed and refreshed from using a well-designed product.

That same attention applies to you, the owner. All our elevated beds are self-assembly. They are provided with full instructions and well-constructed and packaged components so that giving your dog the bed she deserves, is a happy experience for you from the moment the bed gets home!