Henry Wag Car Dog RampWith this fabulous weather it’s great to be getting out and about with our canine friends. But sometimes it can be warmer than we think for our long country walk and we both become hot and tired.

This became clear to me at the weekend when I got back to the car park and saw a lady struggling to lift the old family lab into the back of the 4×4, as he no longer had the strength to jump in.

Being a good Henry Wag employee after helping her to load her pet, I suggested investigating dog ramps. Which inspired this short blog.

5 health benefits of car dog ramps

Dog ramps can be used in many different places around the home. But they are particularly useful if you have an suv or estate car where the car is higher than normal from the ground or you have an older or injured pet. Benefits include:

  1. Minimising joint stress for your pet jumping into and landing in the car.
  2. Pets recuperating from injury where mobility is lower or simply as the result of old age.
  3. Prevention of future dog hip and joint dysplasia.
  4. Avoiding injury to overweight dogs due to mis-timed or insufficient jumps.
  5. Minimising potential human physical and emotional stress from lifting safely.

Henry Wag’s Car Dog Ramp

As Henry Wag is focused on the health and well-being of pets, our designers have already produced a lightweight folding dog ramp that is easily stowed in the boot of most cars.

It weighs less than 5kg and folds down to 79 x 40 x 20cm. Opened out it is 155cm long and 40cm wide suitable therefore for most breeds under 90kg or 14stones in weight. The ramp has 10cm high sides to prevent sideways slippage, when climbing or descending and a high resistance non-slip surface suitable for wet and dry weather. The top of the ramp is designed to rest securely on the rear bumper or side-door sill.

So whether the summer continues or the wet returns, neither of you need to worry with a dog ramp, as you will both be able to get into and out of the car unstressed. So there will be plenty of time to take that snap to enter the Henry Wag competition!