Henry Wag Product Story

Our mission is to remove barriers to an active outdoor life through premium, durable, and thoughtfully designed products. We strive to enhance outdoor activity to cultivate a deeper bond between pets and their humans.

Henry Wag

Henry Wag is a product of our own lifestyle.

Our founder and CEO, Grant, started with a small workspace in his garage to hand build dog kennels and explore different ideas to set Henry Wag apart from the rest. In 2014 Henry Wag launched with it’s popular elevated beds. 10 years on and Henry Wag has now flourished into a trusted and loved brand with a range of different pet accessories to get active paws outdoors and remove the dirty dog effect from pet lovers lives.

Solutions to the problems every dog owner experiences spending time outdoors and travelling with pets.

The products we create work effectively to eliminate the “dirty dog effect” from your home or car and offer solutions to the problems experienced with outdoor living and pet travel.

Henry Wag

The story behind the brand.

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