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How to Keep Dogs Dry in Winter

Now the evenings are getting shorter and the countdown to Christmas is in full swing, we can easily catch ourselves reminiscing about the warmth of summer as well as feeling overwhelmed about how we’re going to manage our dogs (and maintain a clean, mud free home!) over the winter months. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy to implement adjustments we can make to our and our dogs’ daily routines to help us maintain a good, active lifestyle with our pets while also maintaining our homes, leaving dirty paws outdoors and to generally keep dogs dry in winter. If you’re wondering how to keep dogs dry in winter while also keeping your house clean, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out our top tips for maintaining this pet friendly lifestyle balance this winter!

Adjust Your Walking Routine Where Necessary

The clocks going back in October is a stark reminder for many that daylight in the northern hemisphere will be precious over the course of the coming months. Not only does this directly impact our personal wellbeing, it also affects our pets too. Coupled with increased chances of poor weather, we humans can find ourselves walking our pets less and less. After all, the prospect of putting on your full waterproofs to wander around your hometown in the pouring rain is understandably less than appealing!

Fortunately, there are a few small tweaks we can make to ensure our pets still have access to and enjoy their outdoor adventures and to keep dogs dry in winter. If you can, why not swap your big evening walk for a lunchtime adventure, so you can make the most of the available daylight? Alternatively if you work full time or away from home, it may be worth investing in a dog walker or dog sitter who can take care of your pet’s exercise needs while also removing the pressure on you to get out with your dog when it’s pitch black after work. You may also decide to choose walking locations that are closer to home, to minimise any driving time and the additional motivation you need to conjure up in order to get out the door in poor weather.

Invest in a Waterproof Dog Coat

Some owners believe that dogs should be allowed to be dogs on walks, thus not choosing to use to use any winter dog coats and instead using other methods to keep dogs dry in winter after they return home from a walk. However, we believe there’s certainly some instances where dog coats can be beneficial; not only to keep your dog warm in winter but also to help with mud management and quickening the time it takes for your pet to dry out after a rainy adventure.

Both the Henry Wag Quilted Jacket and Waterproof Coat provide protection from the elements while you’re out enjoying rainy walks with your dog. The additional benefit being they also collect any mud sprays, puddle splashes and bramble thorns your dog may come in contact with during your adventure and can be left outdoors when you return home, rather than traipsing a soggy doggy through your house and up to your bathroom after each walk. Thus helping to keep your dog dry this winter while also enabling you to enjoy walking with your dog in the moment without worrying about the mess you’ll have to deal with when you get home.

Consider Bath Time After Winter Walks

Naturally walks are going to get muckier over the next few months. Not only thanks to muddy paths but also an increase in puddles, fallen leaves and the use of harmful chemicals such as antifreeze and grit during harsh weather. While it’s easy for us humans to dress head to to for the elements, it’s less so for your dog. So, you may want to consider increasing your bathing and grooming regime, not only for the benefit of your dog but to also keep dirt and mud from entering and potentially ruining your home.

While dogs certainly do not need bathing every day, you will need to keep an eye on certain grooming processes to help upkeep cleanliness and keep dogs dry in winter. Particularly paw management, including trimming of excess fur to prevent dirt or ice getting trapped and regular bathing to remove antifreeze or grit salt when required. Thankfully Henry Wag stock a range of products such as our Paw Cleaner and range of Microfibre and Noodle Glove Towels that can be used at home or on the go to help keep dogs dry in winter and make everything slightly more manageable! Of course, if you’re giving your pet the full spa treatment, our Microfibre Pet Cleaning Towels, Drying Coats and Drying Bags are a must have to help keep dogs dry in winter as much as possible.

Use Quick Drying Beds and Bed Liners

Another way to keep dogs dry in winter (and subsequently cleaner too) is to implement quick drying materials as much as possible throughout your home and vehicle. As we all know, damp dog smell has a tendency to linger and combined with lower average temperatures it will also increase the amount of time for your dog to dry off after winter walks. Using products such as the Henry Wag Noodle Pet Mat over your dog’s bed and our Car Bench Hammock, Seat Protector or Boot and Bumper Protector in your vehicle, which are all machine washable, will enable you to speed up your dog’s drying time after wet walks, as well as keep mud at bay by regularly washing these items between uses.

What are your top tips to help keep dogs dry in winter? Do you already implement our above suggestions in your dog’s winter routine?

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