Well-designed and properly used indoor dog pens add to a dog’s life by providing a safe and secure den. Pens like Henry Wag’s metal playpen with base can be used from the very early stages of whelping through training and thoughtful containment.

The pen is made from heavy duty metal with a square steel frame and rigid mesh panels. The floor has a plastic base, which sits inside the frame to provide additional rigidity and ease of cleaning. Measuring 125 x 80cm, it fits most sizes of dogs comfortably.


The versatility of its design allows the indoor dog pen to be used for whelping with space for both the mother and her litter. The design includes a step-over door allowing easy access for the mother, while preventing young puppies from wandering. The step is 30cm high so some consideration should be given for smaller breeds as this may be too high a step for comfort for a suckling mother.

For whelping it is recommended that a fabric mat or paper is put on the floor of the pen to provide extra warmth and to absorb fluids. This should be changed regularly as needed. In the early days of life some owners also provide a cardboard barrier around the inside up to step height to minimise draughts.

A Puppy Training Pen

Once whelping is over, the indoor dog pen becomes a safe place for training and containment to prevent mess all over the house when your pet is unsupervised. The double latched door ensures full closure of the pen for those short periods of time when your puppies need to be alone or contained such as at night. Again the pen should be a warm and comfortable place to be which can also cope with the mess that follows puppies.

The curved frame and choice of materials mean that the Henry Wag pen has no rough edges or sharp corners to harm your puppy in play or exploration. The 90cm sides prevent the puppy from leaping over to escape and the plastic base resists chewing.

The indoor dog pen is portable so it can also be used outside when the time is right. Puppy can then begin to explore this new space and still have somewhere safe and familiar retreat to for rest now that it can easily get over the stepped door entrance.

A Pen for Convalescence

Sadly for most dogs there is a period of convalescence in their life as they get older or as the result of an accident. Veterinary advice may therefore be for the use of a dog pen to aid recuperation.

The indoor dog pen provides that safe space away from other pets and children. The open top enables easy adult-pet interaction as needed. It is perhaps one of the few times in an adult dog’s life that the dog indoor pen door should be closed.