Springtime Adventures: 5 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog this Easter

Spring has sprung, and Easter brings with it the perfect opportunity to embrace warmer weather and spend quality time outdoors with our dogs. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just looking for some fresh air and fun, we have created a list of 5 activities for you and your pup to enjoy together this Easter. 

Hiking Trails

Hit the trails and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty as you and your dog explore winding paths and scenic routes. From gentle woodland strolls to more challenging hikes, there’s a trail for every skill level. Be sure to equip your pup with a Comfy Harness and leash for safety, and don’t forget to bring along a Collapsible Water Bowl and fill your Pet Snack Pack to keep your furry friend energized along the way. Use National Trail today to discover hikes near you.

Picnic in the Park

Prep a picnic basket filled with your favorite treats and head to the nearest park for a leisurely afternoon of al fresco dining with your dog. Find a shady spot beneath a tree, spread out a blanket, and indulge in a delicious meal while your pup lounges by your side. Pack a Easy-roll Travel Pet Bed for added comfort,  a frisbee or ball for some post-picnic playtime.

Beach Day 

If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, why not celebrate Easter with a beach day adventure? Let your dog splash in the waves, dig in the sand, and soak up the sun as you both enjoy the salty sea breeze. Remember to pack essentials such as sunscreen, a Travel Snuggle Bed for your dog, and plenty of fresh water to stay hydrated. And don’t forget to bring along a beach-friendly toy for some water-bound fun! Here are 10 must visit beaches in the UK!

Dog-Friendly Brewery or Cafe 

Many breweries and cafes now welcome four-legged customers, making them the perfect destination for a casual Easter outing with your dog. Sip on a refreshing craft beer or enjoy a cup of coffee while your pup relaxes at your feet and enjoys the atmosphere. Be sure to bring along a Water Bottle and toy for your dog, and consider packing a few dog-friendly snacks too.

Agility Course

Challenge your dog’s agility and coordination skills with a visit to a local dog park or agility course. You can also set up a mini obstacle course using items like cones, tunnels, and hurdles, and encourage your pup to navigate the course with enthusiasm (maybe some treats too!). Not only is this a great way to bond with your dog and provide mental stimulation, but it is also a fantastic form of exercise for both of you. 


Whether you prefer the peace of a hike in nature, the relaxation of a picnic in the park, or the excitement of a day at the beach, there are endless opportunities for you and your dog. Our Travel Collection has you covered for all of your furry friends travel needs!