Camping is experiencing a comeback, especially among Millenials. It’s an activity brimming with nostalgia for many, as well as providing an opportunity to properly switch off, kick back and relax away from our hectic, modern day lives. Camping can take many different forms; from the luxurious glamping pods and shepherds huts to rough and ready backpacking and thru-hiking style. Of course, van life is also a popular choice thanks to social media! Fortunately, whatever style you choose to take your dog camping on, it’s a great activity for both you and your dog. If you’re thinking of taking your pup on their first outdoor adventure, here’s a rundown of everything you need to take your dog camping!

5 Essential Things You Need to Pack to Take Your Dog Camping - Henry Wag

A Warm Bed

Nothing quite beats the experience of a night under the stars. Whether you opt to take your dog camping in a caravan, van or tent, it’s important to remember that at any time of year there will be a drastic difference in air temperatures between the day and night. If you take your dog camping with you, you need to factor this into your plans and provide enough insulation to keep them comfortable during cold chills.

There are plenty of different types of. bed you can take camping with your dog. Their usual bed from home might be a bit bulky and awkward to pack, however fortunately Henry Wag have a wide range of portable alternatives. From our lightweight Alpine Snuggle Bed, which is perfect for backpackers to our Raised Beds and Travel Crates for dogs that enjoy camping in style. If your dog needs an extra layer to keep warm while they sleep, you can also use our Drying Coat as a cosy fleece/pyjamas for them.

Plenty of Food

The last thing you want to forget on your camping trip is your dog’s food! Especially if you’re going somewhere remote, where shops are few and far between… It’s also important to keep your dog’s diet as consistent as possible, to avoid upsetting their stomach. So, we always advise portioning and packing your own food for them before you go!

Storing dog food on the go can be a real pain, whether you’re a raw feeder or prefer kibble. Luckily, we’ve created the Henry Wag Snack Pack to help humans with kibble/cold pressed/dry food fed dogs easily transport their food on the go. It can hold up to 2kg of dry food, which is ample for most small/medium breeds on a weekend away camping with their humans. The added lining inside reduces the smell and our zipper prevents break ins (though if your dog is extra curious or a foodie, we recommend storing their Snack Pack out of reach when not in use!)

5 Essential Things You Need to Pack to Take Your Dog Camping - Henry Wag

Somewhere to Drink

Access to clean water is another crucial requirement for your dog. However, standard dog bowls can be big, bulky and heavy to pack when you take your dog camping. A travel bowl will enable you to provide water wherever you are, both while camping and out exploring during the day. They’re made from soft, flexible plastic and collapse down flat when not in use. This means they take up minimal space in your backpack and the added carabiner means they clip easily to the outside of your day sack – perfect for if they’re wet and need to dry after being used on the go.

5 Essential Things You Need to Pack to Take Your Dog Camping - Henry Wag

Protection from the Elements

As much as we all hope the glorious warm weather will never go away, the reality of British Summers can be unpredictable at best! There’s no guarantee you won’t experience downpours, strong winds or even freak hail while you take your dog camping, even in the height of August. So, it’s important to pack accordingly for both yourself and your dog, making sure you’ve both got adequate waterproof protection should the weather take a turn for the worse during your trip.

If you are blessed with warm sun for the duration of your trip, you’ll also need to make sure you can keep your pup cool while you take your dog camping. Tents and vehicles have a tendency to heat up ridiculously fast in the heat, so you can’t always count on them. Of course, you might decide to take your dog to the beach or a river walk, so they can cool down in the water along the way.

However, it’s a good idea to ensure you’ve got a way of drying them off afterwards, to save all your sleeping bags, pillows and the inside of your tent as a whole from being soaked! Whether that’s a microfibre towel, drying glove or full drying coat, having something quick-drying on hand will save you a lot of stress!

5 Essential Things You Need to Pack to Take Your Dog Camping - Henry Wag

A Means of Entertainment

When you take your dog camping, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed downtime. Stepping away from our busy, hectic lives and providing us headspace to relax is rejuvenating for the soul. However, for your dog, all this sitting around can be quite boring! So, it’s well worth packing some of their favourite toys and treats to keep them entertained on those nothing days or rests between big hikes!

You may even decide to bring a completely new toy for your pup to play with while you’re away, as a special treat for them. If you’re short on space in your backpack, there are plenty of enrichment games you can create and play with your dog using simple items such as a towel and their kibble! Giving your dog something to do while you’re unwinding after a busy day will help them settle quicker and keep them occupied, meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy the campfire in peace!

What are your must have items when you take your dog camping? For more dog friendly outdoor adventure inspiration, follow us on Instagram!