Here at Henry Wag HQ we are lucky enough to surround ourselves with four legged friends as part of our jobs. We love creating innovative products that enable humans to spend more quality time with their pets! Of course, it goes without saying, we’re a team of animal lovers ourselves and have each experienced a whole host of benefits of pets for work life balance. Here are some of our favourite aspects of pet ownership!

The Benefit of Pets for Work Life Balance

Pets Offer Emotional Support

We love that dog friendly offices are becoming commonplace, not only in the pet industry but across the wider working culture. It’s great to see the the benefits of pets for work life balance being recognised on a larger societal scale. Here at Henry Wag HQ we regularly have Jack Russell Lola pop in to help us with our work. One of the benefits of having pets for work life balance, whether in the office or at home, is the unconditional emotional support they offer us.

Whether it’s a cuddle and lick on the cheek to wipe our tears after sad news, or shared excitement when we’ve reached a new milestone. Our pets are always there to help us express our emotions. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate how we’re feeling to other humans, however pets are non-judgemental and that in itself can be incredibly comforting.

They Demand Your Undivided Attention

Having a pet is a huge responsibility and not something you should go into without properly researching! That being said, the fact they are such a responsibility is one of the benefits of pets for work life balance. There are some aspects of pet ownership you simply can’t compromise on, such as feeding times, walks and their daily routine as a whole.

Having these responsibilities helps to set boundaries between work and play. You’re likely to be more productive in your work time, as you know you can’t always stay late to catch up. Likewise your time away from your desk will be focussed on your pets, so you’ll be able to switch off better from work at weekends and during your annual leave.

The Benefit of Pets for Work Life Balance

You Can Discover New Hobbies Together

There are so many dog friendly hobbies you can enjoy. From Canicross to Paddle Boarding and Scentwork. Many of these activities aren’t limited to just dogs either! Scientists are constantly discovering new information about animal behaviour and it’s incredible to see just how far our understanding of dogs has come over the last 50 years and how that has impacted their role within modern day families.

We love being at the forefront of this innovation across the pet industry. Seeing firsthand how our products help pets and their humans enjoy more time together and live harmoniously with less worry brings us so much joy.

They Help You Enjoy the Present Moment

Pets are incredibly good at living in the present. This is something they’ll also teach you how to do. The modern day pressures of work, commutes, social media and day-to-day stresses can leave us humans in a frenzy of panic, overthinking and general low mood. Thankfully, our pets don’t experience the world in the same way we do. Instead, they can show us, through play and their general day-to-day shenanigans, how life is imperfect but that’s okay.

Dogs especially aren’t a species to hold grudges; they’re incredibly forgiving. They’re also great at unlocking our childhood playfulness through their unique quirks and charming dispositions. Of course, we all know how meditation and living in the present benefits our mental health. Having pets on hand to remind us to regularly step away from our past and future worries and reconnect with the present is such a blessing.

The Benefit of Pets for Work Life Balance

They Can Expand Your Social Circles

Having pets is one of life’s pure joys. Undoubtedly there are so many benefits of having pets for our work life balance. It’s also a great way to meet new likeminded people who share similar passions with you. Whether that’s bumping into the regular walkers at the local dog park, or connecting with owners of small furries through online forums and social media. There are so many opportunities to meet up and make new friends for both yourself and your animals!

How does your pet help you when it comes to your lifestyle and putting everything into perspective? In your opinion, what’s the top benefits of pets for work life balance?

The Benefit of Pets for Work Life Balance